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May 8, 2017


Members present:  Joe & Sandra Aycock, Bill Bunting,  Ali & John Deagan, Edwin McCook, Maggie & Norm McDonald, Homer Melgaard, Pat & Mike Petrizzo, R.J. & Stephanie Sikora. Guest – Katherine Haney.  Guest Speakers – Steve Carpenter and Shelly Wayte.

The meeting was called to order by Chairman Norm McDonald at 7:00 PM.  Norm recognized the Program Coordinator, Edwin McCook, to introduce our speakers, Shelly Wayte and Steve Carpenter.  Steve Carpenter is the Forest Supervisor of Twin Rivers and Big Shoals.  Steve talked about much controversy between hikers, bikers, horse riders, and ATV riders.  On May 5, 2017 he called a meeting to include representatives of all interested parties. Steve has worked out rules for the 7 tracts in the Twin Rivers Forest which includes a section of the FNST.  Horseback riding will be allowed on FNST between Ellaville Bluff camp and the Trailwalker shortcut to the south.  For more information see the agenda from the Twin Rivers State Forest meeting.

Shelly Wayte talked about the problem of invasive species in the forest.  Lawn mowers can carry seeds from invasive species. 

Discussion about vandalism in the park.  Discussion about use of ATV’s in the Park.  Discussion about being able to use wheelchairs in the park.

MINUTES:  Accepted as appeared on the website.

Treasurer’s Report:  Prepared by Ali Deagan for April 2017.   The balance forward was $4036.79. There was an expenditure for trail maintenance of $69.98. The ending balance as of May 1st was $3966.81.

Membership Report:  Sylvia not present.

UPCOMING EVENTS:   Goose Pasture was cancelled.  Ali suggested tour of Madison with Bill Bunting in lieu of our monthly breakfast and luncheon.  Also a hike in the Suwannee Springs area with Joe Aycock was suggested.

Program coordinator:  June will be pictures of our events for the past year and we will make plans for activities this summer and in the fall.

The Raffel:  No raffle.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:25 PM/





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