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March 13, 2017



Members Present:  Sylvia & Carl Dunnam, Edwin McCook,  Andre Marcil, Bob & Terry Wallace, Ali & John Deagan, Irv Chance, Homer Melgaard, Joe and Sandra Aycock, RJ & Stephanie Sikora, new members Mike & Pat Petrizzo, and Sam & Barbara Bigbie.  Guests were Paul Cook, Crosby & Judy Hatch, Kathy Bochow from Dowling Park, June Mincey, and presenters Charlie Robinson, Brett Hempbill, and Tom Morris.


            The program was presented by members of the Karst Underwater Research group.  Charlie discussed the Falmouth Cave System, including Ghoul’s Sink/Cathedral Canyon and Lineater/Stevenson Springs.  Brett presented the Suwannee Sulphur Springs.  The diving group documents, maps and does research on the karst sinks and extensive cave networks.


            The meeting was called to order by Edwin McCook.  Norm & Maggie McDonald were absent.  Minutes were taken by Barbara Bigbie.


            TREASURER’S REPORT            :  Ali read the Treasure’s report.  Closing balance is $3195.63.


            MEMBERSHIP:  Sylvia reported 2 new Memberships.  Our current count is 81 memberships totaling 124 people.


            SUNSHINE:  Ali had no new report.


            TRAILS:  RJ reported the “Trail Magic” event went well.  We had one thru hiker who spent the weekend with us.  Saturday’s Chapter Appreciation Day was attended by about                 17 members who enjoyed the potluck.


            Edwin reported a video was made by a Wildlife group of a hiker going through Holton Creek.  The video will have a panoramic  view.


            Carl Dunnam will be a “trail angel” for transporting two different groups hiking our area this week.  The trails are being well used.


            Stephanie said there has been no progress for the Greenways land acquisition at the State Park.  Mr. Wilkes will not sign another easement.


            PROGRAMS:  Edwin said April’s program will be a presentation on snapping turtles by a group from Cedar Key. He is still working on May.  June’s program will be activity        planning.


            ACTIVITIES:  The March 25th yard sale was discussed.  We need workers on Friday for setting up and pricing, and Saturday for selling.  We need to get the word out to the public.


Carl & Sylvia will host a campfire night sometime in April.


            RAFFLE:  Our 50/50 raffle netted $17.00.  Winner John Deagan donated $12 back to the Treasury.



                                                                                                Barbara Bigbie, Acting Secretary



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