November 12, 2017

Meeting was conducted by Edwin McCook.  He had planned to show a movie “How Water Travels.”  Because of technical problems he showed a video about the Florida Trail.  It was well received by all.

Edwin was asked about hiking to see the “champion trees” in this area.  He will put together a list of hikes on the upper Suwannee in the next couple of weeks.

Treasurers report—The balance as of October 31, 2018 was $2515.05.  There were no deposits and one check for mower repairs of $148.91.

Upcoming activities:

12/1 Memorial for Carl Dunnam  at Suwannee River State Park from 11-2.

Audubon bird count, members were invited to participate.

12/8 Christmas party at Suzanne and Andre’s house. Starts at 3PM and dinner at 5PM. Andre will make chili, Irv will barbecue chicken.  Everyone bring side dish or dessert and beverage.

1-1-2019 New Year day hike. Meet at Jay Veers store at 9AM

No December meeting