June 10, 2019

Members present:  Joe & Sandra Aycock, Fay & Dexter Beals, Barb & Sam Bigbie, Bill Bunting, Ali and John Deagan, Sylvia Dunnam, Andre Marcil, Edwin McCook, Maggie & Norm McDonald, Homer Melgaard, Gloria & Don Neale, Deb Seaman.  Guest speaker: Connie Woodward.


PROGRAM:  Norm turned meeting over to Edwin McCook who introduced tonight’s speaker Connie Woodward, data manager for Water Resources Department of Suwannee River Water Management.  She took the Master Naturalist Class and as her final project she mapped the district lands of the Suwannee River Water Management District and created SRWM inaturalist project.  There is a free app called inaturalist.org which identifies plants and animals.  Her project tracks and identifies plants and animals on district lands.  The inaturalist program was created at Berkely 10 years ago and is a giant worldwide database of pictures, over 1 million participating individuals making 14 million observations. 

Any input on Water Management lands will go into Connie’s project.  This will build a database of plants and animals on the district lands.  This is citizen science connecting people to nature through technology. 

Questions were asked about endangered species and Connie said GPS coordinates would be cloaked.

MINUTES:  Minutes accepted without objection as appear on website.

Treasurer’s Report:  Sandra reported a balance of $3043.53 as of May 31, 2019.  Deposits consisted of $219.08 for FTA Reimbursement and $20.00 from the raffle. Checks for $230.81 for trail maintenance, $151.23 for plexiglass for damaged kiosk, and $79.58 for speaker meals. Sylvia Dunnam made a motion to accept and Andre Marcil was a second.  The Treasurer’s report was unanimously approved.

Membership Report:  Sylvia Dunnam said no new members and 2 drops.

Activities:  Sylvia made suggestions for next year activities: Dudley Farm, White Springs, Sweetwater Wetlands, St. Marks third week in March for butterflies, Thomasville bird song and old tree.

Sylvia said we had 19 people on the mounds trip.

Old Business:  New by laws/operating procedures are being sent out for feedback.  Norm will send to those interested Joe Aycock, Sam Bigbie, and Edwin McCook.  Feed back must be by the end of the month.

Bill Bunting brought copies of information to go in the restored kiosk.  He asked for input about what information to use in the kiosk. Kiosk has room for 6-8 photos with a narrative. There followed a discussion on possibly moving kiosk to more visible location to avoid vandalism.  Decided not to move the kiosk.

Bill checked our hiker’s mailbox and only 2 people had signed in.

Sunshine:  Ali Deagan talked about our members who are not well.  Greg and Judy Townsend, Greg getting treatment in Gainesville and Judy going to Moffitt in Tampa for chemo every 2 weeks.

Brad Ellis is in the hospital.  Jerry Ellis is having increased swallowing difficulties and is now in a wheelchair.

Announcements:  Joe Aycock talked about the healthy hike on Saturday, June 15.  5 stations need to be manned.  Joe, Sam, Norm, Andre will flag the trail on Tuesday.

Sandra and Joe, Maggie and Norm, Don, Edwin, Andre, Sam will volunteer on Saturday.   Need to be at Adam’s Tract by 8AM.

Sandra has the sticker for the trailer.

Raffle: $26.00 won by Sandra


Meeting adjourned at 8:25 PM.