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January 8. 2018


Members present:  Joe & Sandra Aycock, Fay &Dexter Beals, John & Ali Deagan, Sylvia & Carl Dunnam, Andre Marcil, Edwin McCook, Maggie & Norm McDonald, Homer Melgaard, Judy & Greg Townsend, Phillip Venero.  Guest: Diana Kosty and Brenda Jackson.  Speaker:  Bill Kosty.

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM  by Chairman Norm McDonald. Meeting turned over to Edwin McCook who introduced our speaker, Bill Kosty.  He is a member of the Branford Camera Club.  He did a presentation on his trip to Cuba in June of 2016 with a church group to restore a church which had been neglected for 50-60 years.  The presentation, a 30 minute movie, covered much of the landscape and culture in Cuba.

MINUTES:  Accepted as appeared on the website.

Treasurer’s Report:  Ali presented the Treasurer’s report.  Balance as of December 31, 2017 is $2827.37.  No credits or deposits. Debits were RJ & Stephanie Sikora reimbursement for gas and repairs of $198.90, ACV holiday gathering rental $141.55, Sara Marangoni (caterer) $345.00, and Barb Bigbie paper goods $21.74 .  Ali reports additional credit checks from Florida Trail totaling $528.91.

Membership Report:  Sylvia reports 2 new members and 2 drops.  New member Phillip Venero is attending this evening.  Joe Aycock says new members can post pictures on facebook page. Welcome back Judy and Craig Townsend who have returned after Judy’s long illness.

 Trail Coordinator:  Not in attendance.

Program Coordinator:  Edwin will finalize programs for rest of the year.  Programs include Adam Fryska, first aid class, presentation on bears, presentation on tree rings, and interesting hikes.

 Old Business:  Joe talked about the New Year’s Day hike which was very chilly.   Joe also mentioned he loans books on hiking for those interested.

Sylvia talked about a past member of our club, Margaret Scruggs, who is now 94 and came to our Christmas Party at Dowling Park.


UPCOMING EVENTS:   Norm talked about several trail maintenance hikes-one  south of Ellaville and one on 40 miles of roadway.  Andre Marcil is doing paddles on Thursdays and hikes on Sundays.  Call him if you are interested in participating. 

Sylvia is working on a hike at Sweetwater Wetlands in Gainesville and a welcome to spring hike.

Edwin what’s new on the trail.  Rock Bluff Springs purchased by Gilchrist County.  Jeff Glenn is going to put Florida Trail map on kiosk panels.  New campsite at Disappearing Creek.  Florida National Scenic Trail coordinator meeting in Orlando,  Edwin will represent Water Management.


The Raffel:  Sandra Aycock won the raffle and donated all $26.00 to the club. 

Meeting adjourned at 8:46 PM.



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