June 11. 2018

Members present:  Joe & Sandra Aycock, Fay & Dexter Beals, Sam & Barb Bigbie, Bill Bunting, Frank Daniels, Ali & John Deagan, Edwin McCook, Maggie & Norm McDonald, Homer Melgaard, Gloria & Don Neale.

MINUTES:  Accepted as appeared on the website.

Treasurer’s Report:  Ali reported a balance of $3310.86 as of May 31, 2018.We had deposits totaling $167.51 for May and expenditures of $16.41 for May. Motion to approve by Barb Bigbie, second by Don Neale, approved unanimously.

Membership Report:  Sylvia not in attendance. 

Sam reports visiting Carl Dunnam who is in the hospital.  He is better all his vitals have improved.  Still in ICU.  John Deagan also reports improvement.

Webmaster:  Joe reports on the Healthy Hike scheduled for June 30.  Needs volunteers with the hike and help with some trail maintenance for the hike.  Trail work is scheduled for June 23 at 8:30 AM starting at Suwannee Springs. Please bring loppers, etc.  Will work along river bank up to the bridge.

Joe needs Suwannee Chapter Banner, brochures and kids coloring books to give out.  Also Florida trail maps can be given out.  Sam and Barb Bigbie, Bill Bunting, Andre Marcel, and possibly Ali and John Deagan  volunteered  to help with the hike.

Announcements:  Edwin announced ribbon cutting for new section of the trail at Bell Springs on June 19th.  There will be a breakfast at 8AM and a hike at 9AM.

October 5-7 will be the National Trail Festival in Deland at the Wayne G. Sanborn Center and the Earl Brown Park.

Money is being raised for a 10 foot strip of land to make the Big Oak Trail available.

July 18th is a Girl Scout Service Project concerning the Big Cypress Tree.

Norm announced Adam Fryska’s work party will be October 12-14 in southern Madison County.  The area in Bill Walker’s care .

August 24 is a picnic and swim event at Madison Blue Springs with the Appalachee Chapter.

Norm announced possible activity for October 2019 at Paynes Prairie.  Edwin said we should make reservations now.

Ali announces she is retiring from the treasurer position as of June 30.  Norm recounts highlights of her term which started in April 2015.  Norm presents Ali with a card and gift thanking her for her years of service.  John talks about all the problems Ali had at the beginning with getting the correct program for keeping the books.

Norm asks for volunteers to assume the treasurer’s job.  Sandra Aycock volunteers, Barb nominates her, Ali seconds, and vote is unanimous.  Sandra is our new treasurer.

Norm says bylaws of the chapters are being incorporated into bylaws for the Florida Trail.  Individual chapters will have guidelines.

Norm announces speaker for Native Plants on Tuesday night.  She is talking about invasive plants and animals in Florida.

John announces the Master Gardner program on edible landscaping scheduled for this fall.

Frank asks what happened to the records from the Cracker Cousins which preceded the Suwannee Chapter.  Mary Beth Croft was the chairperson and they met in Branford.  No one else remembers this phase of the chapter.

PROGRAM:  Joe Aycock narrates pictures he has taken of the clubs events for the year.  The Wildflower Farm trip and Alligator Lake with the Audubon Society.  Norm and Maggie show pictures of their trip to China.  Frank talks about trip to Venice.

Discussion of books.

Meeting adjourned at 8:26 PM.