Chapter  Chair


1.         Preside at any Chapter meetings.

2.         Appoint Committee Chairs subject to approval of the Executive Board.

3.         Maintain Chapter Membership Roster in coordination with the Membership Chair.

4.         Act as liaison between State Office and Chapter.  Receive and process mail from State Office.

5.         Receive requests for information, speaking engagements, publicity, etc.

Chapter Treasurer

1.         Keep and update monthly Chapter financial records (ledger and checkbook).

non-profit tax-exempt status.  Quarterly  rebates  are  not  issued until  report is filed with state. 1st quarter (July  1 - September 30) due first week  in  October

2nd quarter (October 1 - December 31) due first week January

3rd quarter (January 1 - March 31) due first week in April

4th quarter ( April 1 - June 30) due first week in July

6.         Compile annual report in same format as four quarterly reports and forward with fourth quarter report to State Treasurer in early July.

Vice - Chair for Programs

The  Vice-Chair for Programs is responsible for arranging programs for Chapter  meetings.   Programs  can  be  provided  by individuals (either Chapter members or people from the community), or can be informal  activities  such as swap meets,  outdoor  gear demonstrations, etc, .

1.         Plan programs for the monthly Chapter meetings.

2.         Contact presenters, in a timely fashion, to establish a date for the presentation.  Approximately two weeks in advance of the meeting,  confirm date and time  of  the  presentation and check for equipment needs (audiovisual, extension cords, display tables, etc.).   Direction to the meeting place are also provided at this time.

3.         Introduce the presenter at the monthly meeting. If unable to attend,  requests  the  Chair  make  the introduction  after being provided appropriate information.

4.         Write a brief thank-you note to the presenter  following the program.

5.         The Vice-Chair for Programs shall be appointed by the Chapter Chair upon consultation with the Chapter Executive Board.                                            

Vice - Chair for Activities

1.         Coordinate  Chapter  activities  which are led by  certified Chapter Activity Leaders (CAL).

2.         Forward activity forms to State Activity Coordinator (SAC) for publication in the Footprint.

3.         Keep the activity leaders supplied  with items necessary to lead activities properly.

4.         Send reminders and blank  activity forms to CALs during the last week of the even months.

5.         After receiving completed activity forms from  CALs (due the 10th of odd numbered months):

a.         Review for  readability,  completeness and  possible conflicts with other activities.

b.         Send to State  Activity  Coordinator  (due  the  15 of the odd numbered months).

c.         Send notice to Chapter Newsletter Editor.

6.         Determine yearly if CALs wish to continue leading activities. Report changes and recruits to SAC.

7.         Send CALs release forms,  sign-in  sheets  or activity reports. Completed information is then returned to the Vice-Chair of activities.

8.         The Vice-Chair for Activities shall be appointed by the Chapter Chair upon consultation with the Chapter Executive Boar

Vice - Chair for Membership

The Membership Chair is responsible for maintaining an accurate, current list of all Suwannee Chapter members (roster), sending a Welcome Packet to new members when notified, assisting the Chair in conducting membership drives when requested, and serving on the Chapter Executive Board.

1.         Receive monthly list of new members, drops, and "final notices" from FTA office

a.         Record in the Roster

b.         Send each new member a Welcome Packet including:  interest form plus an SASE copy of current Chapter newsletter  short personal note if possible

c.         Send each "final notice" member a short note encouraging him/her to renew.  This can be done on  computer.  Enclose FTA membership application

d.         Send photocopy copy of new member list to Chapter Chair, Newsletter Editor, Calling Committee so they can update their records

2.         Once a year, if possible, meet with Chapter Chair to update records, any discrepancies, correct any errors, and remove dropped members from all lists.

3.         The Vice-Chair for Membership is appointed by the Chapter Chair upon consultation with the Chapter Executive Board. 

Chapter Secretary

The Chapter Secretary  records minutes  at  regular  Chapter meetings including time, date, place, attendance, a brief summary of issues, and topics of discussion, all  motions,  seconds,  and  outcome of votes. The Secretary reads minutes of previous meeting and submits them for approval.  This position shall be appointed by the Chapter Chair upon consultation with Chapter Executive Board.

Newsletter Editor

It is the duty of the Newsletter Editor to ensure the bimonthly publication and distribution of the Chapter newsletter. The Chapter Chair shall appoint the Newsletter Editor with the concurrence of the Chapter Executive Board which shall retain oversight over the editorial policy of the newsletter.

Trail Coordinator

1.         Be responsible to the VP-Trails for coordinating the planning, development, and maintenance of segments of the Florida Trail System assigned to his/her Chapter by the State VP-Trails. 

2.         Facilitate requests for information between the VP-Trails and the Section Leaders.

3.         Coordinate preparation/submission of:

a.         Grant applications

b.         Work plans

c.         Trail condition reports

d.         Equipment/material requisitions

e.         Volunteer hour reports

4.         Serve as a voting member of the Trails Committee.

5.         Forward Chapter nominations for Section Leader replacements.

6.         Furnish comments and recommendations on new Chapter trail proposals.

7.         Ensure that the VP - Trails and the FTA Office are notified of any change in trail routes 

8.         Report to his/her Chapter about important FTA trail issues and status of trails within their area.

9.         Recommends replacements for Section leaders to the Chapter Chair.

10.       Meet annually with Section Leaders and Trailmasters to plan trail work hikes and  projects.

11.       The Trail Coordinator shall be appointed by the Chapter Chair upon consultation with the Chapter Executive Board.


1.         The toolmaster is responsible for the control and upkeep of Chapter equipment.

a.         Maintain mowers, clippers, Suwannee slings in working condition.

b.         Maintain supply of paint and paint brushes.

c.         Assist Section Leaders and Trailmasters by delivering equipment to work sites.

d.         Maintain record of service on equipment and assignment of equipment to members.

2.         Stay within expenditure cap determined by the membership for supplies and equipment repair.

3.         The toolmaster shall be appointed by the Chapter Chair upon consultation with the Chapter Executive Board

Chapter Executive Board Representative to the State FTA

The state FTA bylaws provide for a prescribed number of state Executive Board members to be appointed by each Chapter. Vacancies within the Suwannee Chapter will be filled by the Chapter Chair upon consultation with the Chapter Executive Board.  These state representatives may only be removed using provisions of the state by-laws.

Chapter Executive Board Members at Large

There will be up to three Chapter Executive Board Members at Large elected by the Chapter's general membership. Their duties shall be to represent the general membership at Chapter Executive Board meetings where they will exercise a full vote in any deliberations.  (See Art V, Sec 3). 

The senior Chapter Executive Board Member at Large shall be Acting Chair in the event of the Chair’s temporary absence; or, if necessary until the Executive Board can appoint a new Chair to fill out the remaining term. 

Chapter Council Representative

The Chapter Council was established to allow a direct exchange between  all  Chapters  of  the  Florida  Trail  Association.   The Council is made of one or two people from  the  Chapter.  It  meets three times a year - January, April, and September - at the same time and location as the Board of Directors meeting.  The Council Representative's main job is to listen,  participate,  take  notes, and then report to the Chapter  Chair. The  Chapter  Council Representative will be appointed by the Chapter Chair upon consultation with the Chapter Executive Board. 

Publicity Chair

Publicity Chair will provide publicity for the Chapter's activities by submitting news releases to the news media within the Chapter's jurisdiction. This position will be filled by the Chapter Chair upon consultation with the Chapter Executive Board.